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To get the working visa to Israel is nearly impossible (if you are not some kind of specialist, scientist or university teacher). Only legal way to work in Israel is to work in kibbutz or moshav (similar to kibbutz). Young people – usually students can’t make a lot of money in kibbutz – they just work for the food, accomodation and some pocket money. Work in kibbutz is meant just like some kind of spending vacation and getting in touch with other young people.
There is the other way to make money - illegal work. To get the illegal job isn’t that difficult in bigger towns such as Tel Aviv, Ellat, Jerusalem.. The only problem are policeman – they aren’t tolerant of illegal employees. If they catch you, next stop is immigration office and the airport, where you get the red stamp “expelled from Israel”. This stamp means that you will never again get visa to Israel or USA.
Some of Polish people (and a lot of citizens of former USSR) try to forge their documents in order to Obrázekhave jewish origin. Only jewish people can get work and residential permit and later become citizens of Israel.

forge - zfalšovat, falsifikát
expel - vyhosti


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