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To get the working visa to USA is very difficult like to Israel (if you are not some kind of specialist, scientist or university teacher). The students have the possibility to arrange student’s visa (J1). This visa is usable for most kinds of jobs. The problem with this visa – this visa is usually arranged by some kind of student agency, that charges a lot of money for the intercession. This visa is valid only for some 3 months. Advantage of this visa is that you get the social security number, that is the most important number in American’s life . One more way how to get SS number is to go to the Social security office and ask for the temporary number – in order to get a drivers licence (for renting a car). In 2 weeks you get this number, go to the drivers licence office and take an exam in one of 3 languages – english, spanish and polish. If you pass the exam you get the drivers licence and ID card, that’s all you need in USA to work, open a bank account, buy a car...<Obrázekbr/> USA is one of few countries, where you don’t need a citizenship to buy a house. All you need is SS number, outstanding
credit history and some amount of money in cash.

forge - zfalšovat, falsifikát
expel - vyhostit
intercession - zprostředkování


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